To install wallabag itself, you must run the following commands:

git clone
cd wallabag && make install

To start PHP's build-in server and test if everything did install correctly, you can do:

make run

And access wallabag at http://yourserverip:8000

To define parameters with environment variables, you have to set these variables with SYMFONY__ prefix. For example, SYMFONY__DATABASE_DRIVER. You can have a look at Symfony documentation.

On shared hosting

We provide a package with all dependencies inside. The default configuration uses SQLite for the database. If you want to change these settings, please edit app/config/parameters.yml.

We already created a user: login and password are wallabag.

With this package, wallabag doesn't check for mandatory extensions used in the application (theses checks are made during composer install when you have a dedicated web server, see above).

Execute this command to download and extract the latest package:

wget && tar xvf latest-v2-package

You will find the md5 hash of the latest package on our website.

Now, read the following documentation to create your virtual host, then access your wallabag. If you changed the database configuration to use MySQL or PostgreSQL, you need to create a user via this command php bin/console wallabag:install --env=prod.

Installation with Docker

We provide you a Docker image to install wallabag easily. Have a look at our repository on Docker Hub for more information.

Command to launch container

docker pull wallabag/wallabag

Installation on Cloudron

Cloudron provides an easy way to install webapps on your server with a focus on sysadmin automation and keeping apps updated. wallabag is packaged as a Cloudron app and available to install directly from the store.

Install wallabag on your Cloudron

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