Mailer configuration

Out of the box, you can deliver emails over:

  • SMTP (using a DSN like: smtp://
  • or sendmail (using a DSN like sendmail://default).

Since 2.6.6, the gmail transport is available again using the DSN: gmail+smtp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@default

Name Description Default
mailer_dsn One liner with all the mailer parameters smtp://user:pass@host:465. Any characters considered special need to be urlencoded in user, pass and host. smtp://

note: In a case, that after supplying urlencoded characters, the start up process crashes, try "escaping" them with additional % character: eg. pass%20word -> pass%%20word. Might be useful for Google App Passwords.

Symfony can support other transports which aren't shipped by default with wallabag: Amazon SES, MailChimp, Mailgun, Postmark & SendGrid.

You can install them using Composer. It's a more complex step to do, check the Symfony documentation about that.

Before wallabag 2.6.1

On wallabag < 2.6.1, the mailer was different (we were using an older version of Symfony).

Here are the previous parameters available.

Name Description Default
mailer_transport The exact transport method to use to deliver emails. Valid values are: smtp, gmail, sendmail, null (which will disable the mailer) smtp
mailer_user The username when using smtp as the transport. ~
mailer_password The password when using smtp as the transport. ~
mailer_host The host to connect to when using smtp as the transport.
mailer_port (new in 2.4.0) The port when using smtp as the transport. This defaults to 465 if encryption is ssl and 25 otherwise. false
mailer_encryption (new in 2.4.0) The encryption mode to use when using smtp as the transport. Valid values are tls, ssl, or null (indicating no encryption). ~
mailer_auth_mode (new in 2.4.0) The authentication mode to use when using smtp as the transport. Valid values are plain, login, cram-md5, or null. ~

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