Upgrade your wallabag installation

You will find here different ways to upgrade your wallabag:

But first, ensure you have composer installed on your server (or at least the composer.phar binary in the root directory of wallabag). If not, please install it.

Upgrading from 2.3.x to 2.3.y

make update

That's all.

If you got an error with Not a git repository, it means you didn't install wallabag using git but rather using an archive. Follow steps for the shared hosting then.

Upgrading from 2.2.x to 2.3.x

Upgrade on a dedicated web server

If your current installation is < 2.2.x, please upgrade your instance to 2.2 before.

From 2.2.x:

make update

Upgrade on a shared hosting

  1. Backup your app/config/parameters.yml file.
  2. Download the last release of wallabag:

     wget https://wllbg.org/latest-v2-package && tar xvf latest-v2-package

    You will find the md5 hash of the latest package on our website.

  3. Extract the archive in your wallabag folder and replace app/config/parameters.yml with yours.

  4. Please check that your app/config/parameters.yml contains all the required parameters. You can find here a documentation about parameters.
  5. If you use SQLite, you must also copy your data/ folder inside the new installation.
  6. Empty var/cache folder.
  7. You must run some SQL queries to upgrade your database. We assume that the table prefix is wallabag_. Don't forget to backup your database before migrating.
  8. You may encounter issues with indexes names: if so, please change queries with the correct index name.
  9. You can find all the queries here.

Explanations about database migrations

During the update, we execute database migrations.

All the database migrations are stored in app/DoctrineMigrations. You can execute each migration individually: bin/console doctrine:migrations:execute 20161001072726 --env=prod.

You can also cancel each migration individually: bin/console doctrine:migrations:execute 20161001072726 --down --env=prod.

Here is the migrations list for 2.2.x to 2.3.x release:

  • 20170327194233: added the internal setting to share articles to Scuttle
  • 20170405182620: added published_at and published_by fields on entry table
  • 20170407200919: removed useless is_public field on entry table
  • 20170420134133: removed useless download_pictures value in craue_config_setting table
  • 20170501115751: added site_credential table to store username / password for websites with authentication
  • 20170510082609: changed length for username, username_canonical, email and email_canonical fields in user table
  • 20170511115400: added headers field on entry table
  • 20170511211659: increased length of quote column on annotation table
  • 20170602075214: added the internal setting to create user via the API
  • 20170606155640: removed useless wallabag_url value in craue_config_setting table
  • 20170719231144: changed tags to lowercase
  • 20170824113337: added starred_at field on entry table
  • 20171008195606: changed reading_time field to prevent null value
  • 20171105202000: added origin_url field on entry table
  • 20171120163128: added the internal setting to enable the storage of article headers
  • 20171125164500: added the internal setting to enable the usage of the origin URL in shaarli sharing

Upgrading from 2.x.y to 2.3.x

If your wallabag instance is < 2.2.0, there is no automatic script. You need to:

From wallabag 1.x

There is no automatic script to update from wallabag 1.x to wallabag 2.x. You need to:

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