Tips for front-end developers

Starting from version 2.3, wallabag uses webpack to bundle its assets.

Dev mode

If the server runs in dev mode, you need to run yarn build:dev to generate the outputted javascript files for each theme. These are named and are ignored by git. You need to relaunch yarn build:dev for each change made to one of the assets files (js, css, pictures, fonts,...).

Live reload

Webpack brings support for live reload, which means you don't need to regenerate the assets file for each change neither reload the page manually. Changes are applied automatically in the web page. Just set the use_webpack_dev_server setting to true in app/config/config.yml and run yarn watch and you're good to go.

Don't forget to put back use_webpack_dev_server to false when not using the live reload feature.

Production builds

When you want to commit your changes, build them in production environment by using yarn build:prod. This will build all the assets needed for wallabag. To test that it properly works, you'll need to have a server in production mode, for instance with bin/console server:run --env=prod.

Don't forget to generate production builds before committing !

Code style

Code style is checked by two tools : stylelint for (S)CSS and eslint for JS. ESlint config is based on the Airbnb base preset.

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