Configuring paywall access

This is the technical part about the paywall. If you are looking for the user part, please check that page instead.

Read this part of the documentation to understand the configuration files, which are located under vendor/j0k3r/graby-site-config/. For most of the websites, this file is already configured: the following instructions are only for the websites that are not configured yet.

Each parsing configuration file needs to be improved by adding requires_login, login_uri, login_username_field, login_password_field and not_logged_in_xpath.

Be careful, the login form must be in the page content when wallabag loads it. It's impossible for wallabag to be authenticated on a website where the login form is loaded after the page (by ajax for example).

login_uri is the action URL of the form (action attribute in the form). login_username_field is the name attribute of the login field. login_password_field is the name attribute of the password field.

For example:

body: //div[@class="contenu-html"]/div[@class="page-pane"]

requires_login: yes

login_username_field: username
login_password_field: password

not_logged_in_xpath: //body[@class="not-logged-in"]

If you want to add some parameters to the login query, you can set them like that:

login_extra_fields: myParameter=value

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