Translate wallabag

wallabag web application

Translation files

As wallabag is mainly developed by a French team, please consider that french translation is the most updated one and please copy it to create your own translation.

You can find translation files here:

You have to create messages.CODE.yml and validators.CODE.yml, where CODE is the ISO 639-1 code of your language (see wikipedia).

Other files to translate:

You have to create THE_TRANSLATION_FILE.CODE.yml files.

Configuration file

You have to edit app/config/wallabag.yml to display your language on Configuration page of wallabag (to allow users to switch to this new translation).

Under the wallabag_core.languages section, you have to add a new line with your translation. For example:

        en: 'English'
        fr: 'Français'

For the first column (en, fr, etc.), you have to add the ISO 639-1 code of your language (see above).

For the second column, it's the name of your language. Just that.

wallabag documentation

Contrary to the web application, the main language for documentation is english.

Documentation files are stored here:

You need to respect the en folder structure when you create your own translation.

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