Frequently Asked Questions

You can also check for common errors regarding the installation & configuration of your instance.

During the installation, I got the error Error Output: sh: 1: @post-cmd: not found

It seems you have a problem with your composer installation. Try to uninstall and reinstall it.

Read the documentation about composer to know how to install it.

I can't validate the registration form

Ensure that all fields are properly filled:

  • valid email address
  • same passwords in two fields

I'm not receiving my activation email

Are you sure your email address was correct? Did you check your spam folder?

If you still don't see the activation email, please ensure that you have installed and properly configured a mail transfer agent. Be sure to include a firewall rule for SMTP. E.g., if using firewalld:

firewall-cmd --permanent --add-service=smtp
firewall-cmd --reload

Lastly, if you have SELinux enabled, set the following rule:

setsebool -P httpd_can_sendmail 1

You already enabled your account or the URL of the activation email is wrong.

I forgot my password

You can reset your password by clicking on Forgot your password? link, on the login page. Then, fill the form with your email address or your username, you'll receive an email to reset your password.

I've got the failed to load external entity error when I try to install wallabag

As described here, please edit your web/app.php file and add this line: libxml_disable_entity_loader(false); on line 5.

This is a Doctrine / PHP bug, nothing we can do about it.

Why has SQLite support been dropped?

Since June 2017, SQLite support has been dropped and MySQL is the default database now. SQLite support has been dropped because it's awful for database migrations. It's just you'll have to do migrations the hard way and lose data each time.

For development purposes, SQLite is still fine though.

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