Retrieve your articles with filters

To retrieve articles easily, you can use filters. Click on the third icon in the top bar.

Top bar

All these filters can be combined.

Combine all filters


Use these checkboxes to find archived or starred articles.

Preview picture

Check this filter if you want to retrieve articles with a preview picture.


wallabag (via graby) can detect an article's language. It's easy for you to retrieve articles written in a specific language.

HTTP status

You can retrieve the articles by filtering by their HTTP status code: 200, 404, 500, etc.

Reading time

wallabag estimates how much time you need to read an article. With this filter, you can for example find articles with a reading time between 2 and 5 minutes.

Domain name

Thanks to this filter, you can retrieve articles from the same domain name. For example, in this field, type to retrieve this website's articles.

Creation date

When you save an article, wallabag stores the current date. You can, for example, retrieve articles written between the 1st and 31st of January.

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