Migrate from ...

In wallabag 2.x, you can import data from:

We also developed a script to execute migrations via command-line interface.

Because imports can take ages, we developed an asynchronous tasks system. You can read the documentation here (for experts).

Import via command-line interface (CLI)

If you have a CLI access on your web server, you can execute this command to import your wallabag v1 export:

php bin/console wallabag:import username ~/Downloads/wallabag-export-1-2016-04-05.json --env=prod

Please replace values:

  • username is the user's username
  • ~/Downloads/wallabag-export-1-2016-04-05.json is the path of your wallabag v1 export

If you want to mark all these entries as read, you can add the --markAsRead option.

To import a wallabag v2 file, you need to add the option --importer=v2.

If you want to pass the user id of the user instead of it's username, add the option --useUserId=true.

You'll have this in return:

Start : 05-04-2016 11:36:07 ---
403 imported
0 already saved
End : 05-04-2016 11:36:09 ---

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