Create a new application on Pocket

To import your data from Pocket, we use the Pocket API. You need to create a new application on their developer website to continue.

  • Create a new application on the developer website
  • Fill in the required fields: application name, application description, permissions (only retrieve), platform (web), accept the terms of service and submit your new application

Pocket will give you a Consumer Key (for example, 49961-985e4b92fe21fe4c78d682c1). You need to configure the pocket_consumer_key in the Config menu.

Now, all is fine to migrate from Pocket.

Import your data into wallabag

Click on Import link in the menu, on Import contents in Pocket section and then on Connect to Pocket and import data.

You need to authorize wallabag to interact with your Pocket account. Your data will be imported. Data import can be a demanding process for your server.

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